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We proudly announce the release of the eBook The Primal Key, the first book in the middle-grade fantasy series The Plight of the Plexus, by C.A. Hartley.  Order Now


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Alex Clarke trains for one thing — finding the broken bits of Grandmother’s Carnelian Tablet. The relic, if mended, could reveal the location of The Primal Key — the key to unlocking parallel dimensions. His family duty and his path are preordained, foretold centuries ago until . . .

Anne Clarke’s curiosity gets the best of her. She opens a storage box, the one thing Mom insists she leave alone, and prematurely unleashes suppressed talents — dangerous skills that can’t be curbed once released. Worse, she accidentally leads Seth Barthony, Grandmother’s murderous adversary, to the family’s safe house. Seth’s agents destroy their home and abduct Mom. As ransom, Seth insists Grandmother hand over the Primal Key. As Alex scrambles to uncover clues to the Key’s last resting place, Anne learns her new talents could help rescue Mom. But Anne’s shaky and untested skills could, if forced, kill her and those she loves.

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